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Website Design, Hosting and Email Service

Web services include site development and design, redesign of existing sites, domain registration and web hosting. We have Peer 1 level servers with redundant back up to make sure your site stays on-line!! We offer exclusive hosting rates to Viking Pools, Composite Pools and Crystal Palace Pools dealers. Contact us today via email or at (276)322-4636 to find out more!

Custom Designed Sites
We provide award-winning custom website designs for your business. The Miller Interactive team provides high-quality, user-friendly websites. We put our combined 25+ years of industry experience into every site we build. We fuse creative design with solid code for maximum branding impact and a smooth user experience reword.

Our services include:

  • Website Design
  • Animations and custom web graphics
  • Maintenance of your site (one we build or an existing site)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web and email hosting
  • Internet consulting to help you maximize your on-line marketing efforts
  • Web 2.0 services
    • Forums, Blogging, Video Streaming
Pre-Designed Sites
We have developed a series of unique pre-designed sites exclusively for Viking Pools, Trilogy Pools, and Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools dealers in the Latham Pool Products, Inc. family.

For additional details contact us at (276)322-4636 or via email at

Web Forums

Through our ZetaSites™ programming division we can provide customizable and affordable web forums. These forums allow you to communicate via postings about various topics with your current as well as potential customers. You can utilize a forum for topics like "How to choose the proper type pool", "What color is right for you", "Installation how long does it really take?", and "Financing do's and don'ts". This type of communication is crucial as we delve into a 2.0 world.

With ZetaSites™ we can set up the forum to be part of your site, thereby allowing you to comment about any topic, to answer questions or clarify comments. Email us today or call (276)322-4636 to find out how easy it is to set up a ZetaSites forum for use with your site!

Web 2.0 Initiative

Marketing 1.0 versus Marketing 2.0 What's the difference?
Marketing 1.0 concentrated on editing and compressing your brand/product to be distributed to a broad audience in one-way communication. Marketing 2.0 focuses on engaging potential customers in two-way communication from the beginning to quickly transform a casual browser into a potential customer.

Web 1.0 versus Web 2.0 What's the difference?
Web 1.0 was about having a presence on the Internet an online brochure information you controlled that the consumer could view at any time. Web 2.0 is about immediate communication not only with your potential customer, but allowing your current customers to communicate with potential customers.

The Social Media Explosion
The Internet has exploded with social media sites for blogs, wikis, document sharing, photo sharing, video sharing and forums. The key to successfully implementing these venues into your current web initiative is seamless integration. We have identified social media outlets that fit our demographic and can be easily integrated into your website.

How do I participate in the Web 2.0 initiative?
It's easy! Email us or call us today (276)322-4636 to provide you with everything you need to participate in our cutting-edge marketing initiative at a SPECIAL DEALER RATE.

NOTE: Miller Interactive, Inc. is currently offering promotional rates on web design and hosting, brochures and other marketing material production for pool dealers.


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